Joe Keat

Show Control 1 Shipwide

  • Responsible for all shipwide pyrotechnic usage, training, storage and firing for outdoor productions.
  • Maintaining, troubleshooting & upkeep of all production show lighting in main shipwide venues. 
  • Working within the Broadcast Department to maintain the ship’s entertainment infrastructure and systems to keep the operation running to the highest standards. 
  • Day to day operation includes working with systems such as Medialon Show Control, AMX Control, Watchout, GrandMA Primary & Backup systems, MA VPU, NPU, RPU’s, Hog 3, Axon, QSYS, QLAB & Timecode systems.
  • Working as the primary entertainment contact to IT to assist with managing the entertainment IT infrastructure including port assignments, VLAN & switch management, networked storage, remote access & wiring termination.
  • Oversee the work of the ‘Show Control 2 Shipwide’ who assists this position as required. 
  • Programming and installing new/older shows & systems to run with timecode, lighting, audio and, where required, pyrotechnics. 
  • Holding a close working relationship with other departments including vendors & senior officers to ensure Disney always performs to the safest and highest standards of show. 
  • Responsible for ensuring that heath and safety is of the highest priority when undertaking all aspects of the job including paperwork, crew and guest safety and ensuring compliance with maritime laws.

Shows & Projects

  • Disney Cruise Line

  • February 1, 2015

  • Mickeys Pirates In The Caribbean
  • Hunt Fer Jack & Fireworks Display
  • Halloween In The High Seas
  • Disney Channel On Deck
  • Star Wars Day At Sea (SWDAS)
  • Disney Fantasy Dry Dock 2017
  • All Youth Activities Shows
  • Turner Classic Movies Charter Cruise
  • Disney Vacation Club Charter Cruise
  • New Years Show Installation & Fireworks Display