Joe Keat

LX 3 Chargehand – Wicked The Musical (West End)

Stock Images courtesy of Wicked The Musical.

Shows & Projects

  • Playful Productions

  • July 15, 2019

  • Responsibility for overseeing 5 spot operators & LX stage crew during show and maintenance time. This includes tech training and assistance during rig checks. 
  • Climbing Apollo Theatre venue and using rope access techniques to carry out maintenance and lighting fixture checks as necessary. Setting up suitable rigging points, ropes and pulleys for rigging/de-rigging lighting fixtures.
  • Responsibly for carrying out repairs on a variety of lighting fixtures including Varilte 2K, 3K, Coloram Scrollers, MDG Hazers, Source 4 Fixtures, electronic props and scenic electric's. 
  • Full manual running of the show from the ETC GIO and ION consoles as well as running a full stage lighting plot as necessary for the operation.
  • Wide ranging knowledge of the production and its equipment.